Rockboro is a projects-focused organisation working with our clients to deliver value in their business areas. We support our customers by guiding them through the lifecycle of their projects, from vision and strategy to close out and review.

Rockboro Infrastructure

Undersea power cables connect electricity markets across international borders, allowing renewable energy to be efficiently transmitted to where it’s needed when it’s needed. Floating offshore oil & gas facilities accessing resources in water too deep for standard offshore rigs. Specialist maintenance ships reduce the cost and time required to perform vital tasks on gas platforms in one of the most challenging offshore environments in the world. These are examples of the often unseen, large-scale infrastructure assets which are essential elements of how the modern world functions.

The team at Rockboro has experience in the development of these vital infrastructure assets. From concept to design through to construction and maintenance, we can support your endeavours to deliver the large-scale infrastructure required for the future. 

Rockboro Projects

Effective Project Management is fundamental to delivering any project on time, on budget and with the right quality. Our team can support your organisation as you deliver results to your customers via successful projects. From the initial definition through to the final close-out, Rockboro can advise and support you through all phases.

Getting the beginning right is key to success. Inadequate project definition and planning is one of the key reasons failure is encountered. Rockboro can guide you through this key project phase, setting you up for success.

As you move into the execution phase, Rockboro can bolster your delivery team with the expertise you need to execute. As the project draws to a close, we can lead you through the close-out phase, gathering the lessons learned and helping you to improve your business’s ability to deliver projects. With experience in a wide variety of project types, Rockboro can support your endeavours to deliver value to your customers.

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Rockboro was founded in the UK in 2016 with the aim of supporting the delivery of maritime, sub-sea, and major infrastructure projects in Europe. Since then, we’ve grown in capability and reach. Now operating out of offices in Dubai, UAE, our reach is global, with Rockboro supporting projects in Japan, Germany, the UK, India and the Middle East. Our team has grown to support our expansion. All are specialists in their subject areas. Explore our website to learn more about Rockboro.



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